Closing Fees

Effective: May 1, 2010

Real Estate Purchase Closing170.00
Concurrent Loan Closing120.00
Simultaneous Second Mortgage on Purchase100.00
E-document retrieval and delivery20.00
Payoff Courier Fee (per package)25.00
Loan Package Courier Fee (per package)25.00
Tax Certificate15.00
Scrivener Fee4.00
Document Preparation Private Party Financing120.00
Refinance Closing120.00
Refinance Simultaneous Junior Lien Closing100.00
For Sale By Owner Closing350.00
Builder/Developer (3 or more lots in Subdivision)150.00
Vacant Land150.00
Presentation Only150.00
ALTA 7 Processing and Mobile Home Title Purging50.00
Escrow Fee150.00
Interest Bearing Account Fee50.00
Commercial Closing300.00
Commercial Concurrent Loan Closing200.00
Commercial Refinance250.00
Common Interest Community/HOA Document Retrieval50.00
E-Recording per document (does not include County fees)20.00
Credit Card Payoff per card10.00
Short Sale Processing600.00
Ownership and Encumbrance Report100.00

Additional Charges may be imposed when unusual conditions are encountered. An additional $100 will be added to the above charges for any closings conducted in other than our offices. A document preparation charge of $4.00 shall be imposed to cover the preparation of conveyance documents (deed, note, deed of trust) on Colorado Real Estate approved forms at the instruction and under the direction of real estate agents, brokers and attorneys.

The above charges apply when Commonwealth Title Company provides supervisory closing and settlement services in conjunction with the issuance of a policy of title insurance. These charges do not include, among other things, tax certification charges, any truth in lending documents, travel costs, delivery costs, recording fees, documentary fees, transfer taxes, fax or email charges or costs for certified copies.